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Mr. Mohammed Z. Al-Wadaey

CEO of Farabi Group 

Welcome to Farabi Petrochemicals! 

Farabi Petrochemicals, at its core, is committed to the care and improvement of human life and this website reckons the impactful efforts the company exerted in adding value through chemistry. As we continue to navigate through this crisis across the world, it has become very clear that safety needs to be at the forefront of every business. At Farabi, we constantly strive to meet the highest standards of safety and integrity in the workplace because we care about all our employees regardless of their locations, positions, and levels. They are the cornerstone of our organization, helping us achieve all our business objectives and enabling its continued success and growth.

In these challenging times, Farabi Petrochemicals has maintained the highest work standards in the industry. We take pride in the fact that our company safely commissioned multibillion-dollar projects on time while the whole world was hit by the pandemic, proving the creativity and commitment capabilities of the FARABI team. Recently, Farabi achieved the proud milestones of commissioning the new complexes at Yanbu & Jubail during 2H 2020, Farabi Yanbu Petrochemical company, and Farabi Downstream company.

As a leading producer of LAB globally, Farabi Petrochemicals is regarded as a trusted brand with a good reputation in and outside Saudi Arabia due to its role in the International market. With a diversified Petrochemical products portfolio, Farabi is built on the pillars of sustainability, HSE commitment, manufacturing excellence, customer focus, growth, and most importantly, its enabled people. Our success is built on technical expertise, partnerships, and a proven ability to deliver
exceptional results. We are continually investing in the company and our employees, innovating proactively on improving the results and processes.

As a responsible Global supplier, Farabi has a strong focus on Sustainability and has made significant initiatives to reduce carbon emission and introduce new waste recycling methods, including eco-friendly community initiatives and activities. We believe that as this world nurtures us hence, we should nurture it and give something back to the community. Farabi Group of companies has responsible for forming community-based projects that focus on health, sanitation, environment protection, and skills development of the people. We aspire to be the first petrochemical company in the Middle East to achieve carbon neutrality and aim to produce and move more than 700 KT of around 25 grades of Petrochemical and specialty products during 2021 from its three complexes in Jubail and Yanbu.

With Product offerings ranging from LAB, Normal Paraffin, Specialty Oils, Solvents, Alkylates, Sulfonates, and multiple streams of specialty downstream products, we remain to live our values, Excellence, Teamwork, Trust, and Respect. Our overall strategy is to invest our resources in projects that can deliver long-term effects and help us achieve results well beyond our cost of capital. We ensure continuous operational excellence and commitment to capital discipline. Farabi has consistently demonstrated Global competitiveness in LAB Business through significant but responsible Business growth over the last two decades by quadrupling its Product output from its manufacturing complexes at Jubail and Yanbu.

At Farabi, we offer exceptional value through total delivery solutions and guarantee strategic supply commitment. There is no question that our most important asset at Farabi Petrochemicals is our international clients/partners' trust and confidence. The cornerstone of our philosophy is to strengthen our achievements and cultivate them even further through engagement in product development to cope with our clients' increasing demands and provide solutions for them.

Our inclusion and diversity efforts are comprehensive. We intend to develop a premier global competitive workforce that values unique perspectives and encourages personal growth. Every member of the Farabi team is treated with respect, and constant efforts are made to improve their quality of life. We at Farabi are focused on value-added growth, and we achieve that through our unparalleled track record of operational excellence and exceptional portfolio of high-quality assets.